Turquoise Blues

by Colin Williams

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Almost all of the songs on this album were written in the Dominican Republic by a guy called Col Williams,aka Eaglei except Gone in Gambia and Mombassa which were written in Africa, These songs were recorded over a number of years, by The Beat Combo, and the Legendary Lakes Blues band. This Compilation,is taken from those recordings. Col was the bass player and singer of both bands, and a Rock and Roll legend in the backwaters of Cumbria, in England. He's now adopted a new stage name and become a live-aboard sailor, in the Dominican Republic "living the dream",and sailing the Caribbean islands. They say he's a bit like Jimmy Buffet, and having recently listened to a few of JBs' tunes I would have to somewhat agree. If you enjoy a little humor in your music delivered with a variety of island rhythms, and a sense of style then this album should be in your collection.


released June 25, 2014

Ewan Blackledge, Juliet Hext,, Doug Gilham, Terry Wilson,



all rights reserved


Col Williams UK

The songs are inspired, from my real life encounters. I almost always try to see the humorous side of life. All the songs here we're written on my holiday escapes from those cold English winters. Now I have given up my home on dry land and have bought a sailboat to search out new adventures and find those moments that inspire another Col Williams song. ... more

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Track Name: Seadogs in Luperon bay
Well your compass is set and your fate it is sealed
Dice have been cast like the cards you been dealed
And you no theres no future in wasting away
You could steer by the stars set your sails and slip away
Cause there must be someplace you belong
And you feel like you ought to be gone
Now your sails have been flaked much too long
Like the seadogs in old Luperon

There are sailors who’ve sailed
Over all seven seas
That end up in hurricane holes such as these
Where the roots of the mangroves
They wrap around your soul
Where your forever young, long before you get old
But the boats never move in the bay
On their anchors they swing and they sway
Sun he beats down everyday
On the seadog in Luperon Bay

Captains and sailboats in harbour they rot
Escaping the world in a land time forgot
Where the chicos are cheap
And the days always slow
There’s no weather window so why should you go
And you call for the Captain to come
But he’s drunk far too much of the rum
At the end of the days setting sun
Keeps those seadogs in old Luperon
Track Name: Kodachrome
They're cashing in their pension plans, getting tickets for the tourist trail Camcorders and a pocket full of cash and a post card in the morning mail

And poverty is picturesque you want to paint it in Kodachrome, a perfect record in 35 mil and then they put it in a drawer back home

They've been to Dominica, been to Goa Costa Rica
and cuba wasn't half as bad as Bali in the winter, But Mauritus and Mombassa beat Sri Lanka and Barbados
And Africa gets better all the time

Cultures they Kalidascope, gotta capture it on Kodachrome
A perfect record in 35 mil
and put it in a drawer back home

Been to Accapulco, Marakesh and Colordo,
Alice springs was dusty, the pyramids looked rusty,
Thilands got the preachers, jamaica got the beaches
But Africa gets better all the time.